Trenchless Sewer Repair in Pleasant Valley

Call Clint Septic of the Hudson Valley understands that sewer lines problems can wreak havoc on your septic system. Understanding the best way to rectify the situation can be a bit overwhelming to a home or business owner, this is where the experience of Call Clint Septic team can come in handy. Basically there are two ways to having broken or damaged sewer lines repaired and replaced. The traditional method, and the newer trenchless technology. Because of the many disadvantages and inconveniences of the former, many property owners are considering (and usually going for) the latter. But what exactly is trenchless technology, and how are they conducted and applied?

Is Trenchless Technolgy Right For You?

Trenchless technology is a great alternative to the traditional method of sewer line repair and replacement. This is mainly because this particular technology creates less disturbance and intrusion to one’s landscape and property, thereby reducing the amount of dirt and mess that comes with the traditional “dig and excavate” method. Because of this, they are more cost-effective as they reduce the need for costly repairs and renovations which comes after the traditional method of conducting sewer line repairs and replacements. Trenchless technology can also be completed much faster – where the traditional method can take weeks to accomplish, trenchless methods can be completed often within hours of starting.

What Option Is Best for You? Ask Call Clint Septic!

Pipe Relining
If the sewer line is only suffering from minor cracks and leaks and can still be salvaged, then replacing it would be unnecessary. In this case, pipe relining is an option. This is a trenchless method of repairing damaged sewer lines and is an alternative to pipe replacement. In this method, the inside of the sewer pipe is cemented with a resin, which is then held in place by an air-filled bladder. Once the resin cures and hardens, the bladder is removed leaving the inner walls of the pipe just like new.

Pipe Bursting
If the sewer line is beyond repair, then having it replaced is the only option left. This can be achieved with pipe bursting. Pipe bursting makes use of a special method and equipment to replace an old and damaged pipe. This works by attaching an HDPE pipe to the bursting head. The bursting head is inserted inside the old pipe, and then pulled by a hydraulic machine to the other end of the pipe. As the bursting head passes, it shatters the old pipe into pieces, and leaves in its place the new pipe.

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