Septic Tank Pumping and Service in New City, NY

One of the most important parts of your home is your septic tank. Even though we don’t think about them often, our modern lives would be impossible without the waste management of such a tank. Like any other appliance, your septic tank needs attention and maintenance to keep working properly. When the time comes for septic tank care, you need to choose a professional you can count on.

At Call Clint Septic, we’re just what you’re looking for. We’ve been serving New City, NY for years, and we’d love to add your family to our list of satisfied customers. No matter what septic services you need, we promise to always provide the highest quality work and best customer service, period.

Septic Tank Cleaning, Inspection & Maintenance

At Call Clint, we pride ourselves on being the only septic service company you’ll ever need. We can help you figure out a maintenance schedule and make appointments for regular inspections and cleanings in order to keep your tank working flawlessly. Plus, consistent care eliminates the chance of costly repair bills or a lawn full of wastewater.

Septic Installation and Septic Replacement

We can even help you if you don’t have a septic tank yet. Our team is trained to perform high-quality installations for both businesses and private homes. Call Clint Septic can also do a professional evaluation to help you determine if it’s time to replace your tank entirely. We promise to only offer honest opinions and never sell you a tank you don’t need.

Septic Field Rejuvenation

Taking care of your septic system isn’t just about the tank, itself. Your septic field is crucial, too. If it’s not properly maintained, you could end up with unsanitary (and very smelly) leaks into your yard. We provide septic field rejuvenation services to drain away seepage and keep your family safe and happy.

Septic Tank Backups in New City, NY

A septic tank backup can be even worse than a flooded yard. If it gets out of control, you could actually end up with wastewater flooding your living spaces, putting all inhabitants at great risk. When you rely on us for your septic tank backups, we’ll work as quickly as possible to fix the issue and help your life return to normal.