Septic Tank Cleaning & Repair Service in Brewster

Your septic tank is the last thing you want to think about. However, it will eventually fill up and need to be professionally pumped. In Brewster, NY, Call Clint Septic is the go-to source for septic tank pumping and other services. With years of plumbing experience, polite and professional technicians, and industry knowledge, our team knows how to optimize the functionality of your septic tank. We can take care of septic tank pumping in no time.

Septic Tank Cleaning, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, and Tank Clean-out

Call Clint Septic is a one-stop shop for virtually all your septic tank needs in Brewster, NY. Your septic tank should perform ideally at all times. Otherwise, you risk a household emergency. A septic tank that gets too full can overflow and flood your septic field, leading to a mess in your lawn. Don’t wait until you have to schedule emergency services. Pay for regular septic tank cleaning, inspection, maintenance, repair, and clean-out so your system will operate at optimal levels.

Brewster Septic Installation and Septic Replacement

Call Clint Septic offers home visits so we can personally inspect the state of your tank and give our professional opinion about replacement. We never push sales on customers and are always honest about the state of your tank. If we say it’s time for replacement, that means a possible breakdown is just around the corner. We also perform new septic tank installations, using the best tools and techniques in the industry to install the perfect tank for your home or business.

Septic Field Rejuvenation

You need septic field rejuvenation periodically to drain away foul wastewater that’s built up in your soil. Failure to rejuvenate your septic field can lead to a lawn full of smelly and unsanitary wastewater. Our rejuvenation services keep your septic field clean and functioning like a well-oiled machine.

Septic Tank Backups

Experiencing a septic tank backup? Call (845) 379-2011 right away to schedule services with Call Clint Septic! Our Brewster, NY, team will be at your doorstep in no time at all. Septic tank backups can be serious, leading to wastewater flooding your home. At a minimum, it can be a major inconvenience to your family. We’ll solve the problem quickly and effectively, and take steps to prevent the same issue in the future.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Trenchless sewer replacement is the best way to replace an old tank without breaking ground. Our trenchless services get the job done without property damage! We deliver this service, applying industry best practices and updated tools and technologies to ensure the cleanest, most cost-effective trenchless replacement possible.

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