Septic Tank Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair & Septic Tank Clean Out

Your septic tank should perform with optimal functionality to keep your household safe and sanitary at all times. Like all systems, your septic tank requires routine maintenance to make this possible. Call Clint Septic has mastered septic tank services so that the residents of Pleasant Valley and surrounding Hudson Valley area can avoid common sewage system issues. We offer tank cleaning, pumping, routine maintenance, repairs, and replacements to accommodate any need.

Clean Septic Tank = A Well-Oiled Machine

Your septic tank collects wastewater from your home, decomposes it with natural bacteria, and stores it in separate areas of the tank. Over time, your tank develops a layer of thick sludge on its bottom, where the heavier solid particles gather and partially decompose. It also has a layer of scum that floats along the top of the tank, where lighter particles collect. Call Clint Septic will pump your tank, clearing it of sludge and scum, and complete a full tank clean out.

Pumping your tank and cleaning its reservoir is the only way to ensure it continues to work the way that it should. We use specialized equipment that can handle pumps of any size – from 500-gallon residential tanks to commercial septic holding tanks. Once we pump your tank, we’ll remove all wastewater and compacted sludge from the bottom of your tank, giving it a thorough cleaning to make your tank good as new.

Exceptional Tank Repair and Routine Maintenance

Call Clint Septic doesn’t simply pump tanks and leave – we perform complete routine maintenance on your system to ensure it’s operating without a hitch. We’ll check all its components, identifying common issues and making repairs as needed. We keep our work vans fully stocked with special equipment and parts to complete most repairs on the same day. Our team can quickly and efficiently resolve problems such as:

• Thick sludge that won’t break down due to infrequent pumping/cleaning
• Tree roots invading your system and entangling with solids
• Soakaway failure (wastewater showing up on your land or in your home)
• Excess water in your tank due to inefficient water use
• Non-biodegradable items clogging your tank
• Too much detergent, bleach, or chemical cleaners in your tank
• Tank component and part problems

Sign up for routine maintenance with Call Clint Septic for complete peace of mind. Our team will visit your home or business according to your schedule, conduct a top-to-bottom septic tank check, and repair minor issues before they turn into major ones. Schedule your septic tank services in Pleasant Valley, NY today.