Local Septic Repair and Tank Clean-Out in New City, NY

Planning ahead is the key to avoiding costly emergencies and mistakes in most cases. Your septic system is no exception. You need a functioning system and proper disposal if you want to keep your family safe and happy. Routine cleanings, inspections, maintenance, and minor repairs can prevent big bills and catastrophes down the road.

Call Clint Septic has been serving New City, New York for years. We have the experience and skill to handle all of your maintenance needs. We can help you live life less interrupted.

Septic Tank Cleaning and Tank Clean Out

A septic backup is a very smelly and unsanitary situation. Regular cleanings are the only way to guarantee your family doesn’t have to deal with one. Contrary to popular belief, septic tanks don’t fall into the “set it and forget it” category; this idea is far from the truth.

Layers of sludge and slime build up in your tank over time. As the layers stack on top of each other, the wastewater level in your tank will rise. When the water level gets high enough, it will begin to overflow and leak into your yard. During one of our cleaning visits, we take out the scum layers in addition to the recent wastewater. The result is a perfectly clean system, every time.

Septic Tank Inspection and Repair

The best time to inspect your septic system is when it’s clean, so why not schedule your inspection on the same day? We can address concerns about performance or simply evaluate the condition of your tank while we’re already there. You’ll get professional answers and problem-solving on the spot. Plus, we’ll tell you if replacement is something you need to plan for in the future.

At Call Clint Septic, our technicians keep a variety of tools on them at all times. This means we’re able to tackle many small repairs immediately, without the need for a second appointment. Getting everything taken care of in one visit saves you both time and money while still offering the level of customer service you expect from us.

Septic Tank Maintenance in New City, NY

Yes, we can take care of repairs when you need them, but proper maintenance is a much better investment. Waiting until an emergency could cost you several hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the issue. Regular inspections and appointments cost just a fraction of potential damage repair bills, and can help you avoid serious problems like wastewater in your yard. What’s more, frequent maintenance can extend the life of your septic tank – possibly by many years.

Are you ready to start taking care of your septic system? Call , text or live chat with one of our friendly representatives. We’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions and make a plan to give your tank the maintenance it deserves.