Septic Tank Backups in Fishkill, NY

Most of the time, we don’t think about our septic systems – unless there’s a problem. If you’ve been noticing water backing up in your toilet, shower, or sinks, you might have a septic tank backup. The telltale signs of septic tank backups are decreased draining efficiency, gurgling drains, and unpleasant odors in your home. If these sound familiar, don’t worry – a technician at Call Clint Septic is standing by to help. We have experience solving all types of septic tank issues and can restore your system back to max efficiency.

Septic Tank Problem Sources

At Call Clint Septic, we have seen all kinds of septic tank problems. One of the most common is invading tree roots, which occur when a leaky pipe attracts tree roots to your system for nourishment. In little time, a tree root system can find its way through cracks and holes in your system. Tree roots eventually lead to blockages in your sewer lines, causing backups. Call Clint Septic can clear the root system from your lines and create solutions that prevent further issues.

Stubborn clogs from oil, grease, hair, and other items also cause tank backups. These items build up over time and cause sludgy backup in your pipes and tank reservoir. When backups occur, residents from all over Fishkill, NY rely on the experts at Call Clint Septic to get to the root of the problem and quickly solve issues.

Quality Sewer Backup Repairs

When you’re in need of a sewer backup repair, our team has a set of solutions available to address your home’s unique piping system. We do traditional rooter work and drain cleaning, clearing tree roots and punching through other sources of debris. At Call Clint Septic, we’re also proud to offer hydro jetting – a long-term solution that clears your drain clogs with high-powered water jets. Hydro jetting provides a thorough clean that eliminates tree roots and other sources of debris.

Once we’ve cleared all your clogs, we’ll recommend permanent solutions that help prevent future problems. For example, we may install seamless pipes that won’t crack or invite tree roots. We may also recommend routine maintenance to keep your system running at its best.

Your Recommended Source for Sewer Services in Fishkill, NY

Our drain cleaning and backup repair services will keep your sewer system running at its best. Contact Call Clint Septic at (845) 379-2011 or contact us online to schedule your appointment today!