Septic Tank Backups in Brewster, NY

Septic tank backups are some of the most common – and most inconvenient – issues we see at Call Clint Septic. If raw sewage backs up into your toilets, sinks, or showers, it can make your home unsanitary, unsafe, and unlivable. Major backups can even lead to raw sewage flooding your home. In a septic emergency, call (845) 379-2011 right away. Call Clint Septic will be at your door day or night, weekends and holidays, for emergency repairs.

Getting to the Bottom of the Problem

When we respond to a septic tank backup, we know the problem didn’t just come out of nowhere. There is an underlying issue with your system that led to the backup into your home. Our technicians aren’t trained to unclog your drains and leave. We will inspect your system, identify the heart of the issue, and make repairs so you don’t have to call us again to correct another septic backup. We aren’t in the business of quick fixes. Our goal is to get your system in optimal working order for the long run.

Common Causes of Septic Tank Backups

Septic tank backups can stem from a number of larger problems with your system. You may have a stubborn clog that is blocking your lines. Over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners will not work for clogs and can even make them worse. If you have older pipes, harsh chemicals can lead to deterioration and cracks. Instead of wasting money and potentially causing an even more expensive problem, count on Call Clint Septic.

Our trained technicians know how to unclog your drains and make sure the issue won’t happen again. We use special equipment such as hydro jetting to clear your lines without compromising the integrity of your pipes. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure streams of water to remove the most stubborn clogs, including tree roots. Tree roots cab infiltrate cracked pipes, attracted by the moisture from a leak. If tree roots are causing your backup, we’ll remove the roots and implement a solution to prevent future intrusions.

Your Source for Fast and Effective Backup Solutions in Brewster, NY

As soon as you notice your septic tank backing up, give us a call. We offer rooter work, hydro jetting, and other top solutions to accommodate the specific needs of your septic system. We will also put long-term applications in place to help prevent major clogs and backups in the future. For example, we can add you to our routine maintenance program to clear your pipes and check for hidden leaks periodically. To schedule plumbing services in Brewster, contact us online or at (845) 379-2011.