Septic Tank Backup Service Pleasant Valley

Water backing up from your toilet, shower, or sinks? Strong sewage odors in or around your home? Gurgling sounds in your drains keeping you up at night? You may be experiencing a septic tank backup. Don’t worry – Call Clint Septic is ready and waiting to offer emergency services, fast repairs, and cleaning services in Pleasant Valley, NY to make it as though a backup never occurred. We’ve solved all manner of septic tank issues and can help you restore your system after common causes of backups.

We Eliminate the Source of the Problem

Call Clint Septic has seen many cases of tree roots invading a septic tank and/or sewage lines. This problem occurs due to leaky pipes or condensation that attracts tree roots to your system for a source of nourishment. It’s amazing how fast and far tree roots can travel through your system, finding their way in through miniscule cracks and holes. Tree root intrusions block the flow of wastewater and solids through your system. Call Clint Septic can clear your lines of roots and put a solution in place to prevent future intrusions.

Other common tank backups we’ve seen have stemmed from stubborn clogs and blockages due to oil, grease, soap residue, hair, sanitary products, discarded food, and other items. Over time, these materials can build up and form sludge within your pipe and tank. We have the top tools on the market to solve these issues quickly, minimizing interruptions to your household.

Modern Tools and Techniques for Quality Backup Repair

Our team has several septic tank backup solutions ready to accommodate the specific condition of your septic tank and pipes. We offer traditional rooter work and drain cleaning, punching through the tree roots or other clog to clear your lines and resolve a backup. We also have hydrojetting – a longer-term solution that cleans your pipes using high-pressure water jets. Hydro-jetting scours your lines to eliminate tree roots, sludge, and other debris.

Once we’ve restored your septic tank, we’ll implement a permanent solution to prevent the problem from recurring. For example, we can install a new seamless pipe to prevent cracks or separations that can let in tree roots. We can also schedule routine maintenance services to regularly come to your location, inspect your system, and recommend repairs or replacement based on the condition of your tank. Our drain cleaning plans will keep your septic tank and system free and clear of harmful blockages. Contact us to book your septic tank backup services today.