Septic Tank Backups in New City, NY

Nothing can turn a good day into a terrible one as fast as a backed-up septic system. With this issue, you can see raw wastewater and sewage flowing backwards into your shower, sinks, and toilets. In the worst cases, it’ll overrun into your floor and could destroy everything from furniture to foundation support beams.

Despite the gravity of sewage backups, they’re fairly common and most often just a result of simple neglect. If you’re not scheduling regular maintenance for your septic tank, you’re going to miss warning signs and end up with an emergency rather than a routine fix.

Whenever you’re dealing with a septic tank backup, you have to have professionals on your side. This kind of issue requires expertise and experience to truly solve the problem instead of just finding a temporary fix. At Call Clint Septic, we have the skill you and your family deserve.

Fixing Backups in New City, NY

You can’t put a band-aid on a broken bone and expect it to be okay. The same is true with septic tank backup problems. Serious issues don’t just come out of nowhere; there is always an underlying cause. Naturally, they require a complete solution instead of a temporary fix. We understand the causes of backups, and we can treat the problem faster than ever so you can get your life back to normal.

Another benefit of choosing Call Clint Septic is you won’t have to make multiple appointments to get your issue fixed. Our experienced team members will come out, inspect your system, locate the problem, and handle whatever repairs are necessary right on the spot. We’re always ready to answer questions so you can understand your system better.

Causes of Septic Backups

A variety of things can result in septic tank backups. In the vast majority of cases, they stem from a clog caused by improper maintenance. When layers of sludge form inside your septic tank, they will begin to build up. When the water level rises too high, small solids can be pushed through the leach lines, forming clogs. When the wastewater has nowhere to go, it ends up back in your house where you don’t want it.

Solving the Problem

You should never try to fix a septic backup on your own. Additives and chemicals can actually harm your pipes and cause further leaks. Trying to save a few bucks by finding your own solution could actually cost you thousands.

Instead of fighting the battle alone, reach out to Call Clint Septic. We’re available 24 hours a day to solve septic emergencies and keep you and your family safe and happy.