Septic Tank Backup Service in Cold Spring

That gurgling in your drain may seem like something out of the first scene of a horror movie, but more likely than not, it is a sign that your septic tank is backed up. When the wastewater in your tank cannot properly flow to the septic field, it may begin to come back up through your home’s plumbing system.

Often accompanied by foul odors of raw sewage, a backup can be unpleasant and cause health risks for your household. Regular septic tank maintenance is a smart way to tackle this situation before it happens, but in the event that a septic tank backup happens to you, Call Clint Septic has the experience and resources to tackle even the toughest repair issues in Cold Spring, NY.

Diagnosing Backups at the Source in Cold Spring, NY

The staff at Call Clint Septic have years of experience. They are familiar with even the most uncommon sewage concerns and are able to determine the origin of your septic backup issues.

Invasive tree roots often find their way to septic systems through leaky pipes and small holes. They are attracted to the nourishment of the bacteria-rich wastewater and crawl through any way they can. The roots block the flow of wastewater, causing a buildup of fluids in the tank. Call Clint Septic has seen many cases of this in Cold Spring, NY, and their pros are prepared to not only remove the roots but also inhibit the ability for new ones to appear.

Non-biodegradable clogs are a common cause of septic tank backups. Large solids such as food, hair and sanitary items get trapped in pipes or form sludge in the tank. This prevents water flow and causes an overload in the tank, leading to a backup.

Using Modern Tools and Techniques for Backup Repair in Cold Spring, NY

The complex problems of septic tank backup cannot be effectively solved with outdated instruments. Call Clint Septic has the tools and techniques to wrestle any septic blockage, no matter what the condition. Top of the line rooters are used for drain cleaning to clear away obstructions in the pipes and lines. High-pressure water jets can also be used for hydrojetting services that force out unwanted objects for a longer-term solution.

Call Clint Septic doesn’t want to leave you with a recurring problem, so they take all the necessary precautions to prevent blockages from happening the same way again. Seamless pipe installation makes it harder for cracks to form, which means tree roots will no longer sneak into your system. Signing up for routine maintenance and drain cleaning plans are also a wise decision to keep your septic tank running at optimal performance levels.

Contact Call Clint Septic today to inquire about their top-of-the-line backup services. Their call line is conveniently open 24/7, 365 days of the year in case you ever run into a septic emergency.