Septic Field Rejuvenation in Middletown, NY

A good septic field is one you can’t even tell is there. This area allows filtered wastewater to leach into the ground around the tank and provide fertilization to the grass and plants. In ideal conditions, you won’t notice your septic field at all. When there’s an issue with it, however, you could be faced with foul odors, soggy grass, sewage backup, and even flooding in your yard. When you start to notice warning signs, it’s time to contact Call Clint Septic for a professional septic field rejuvenation.

Understanding Your Septic Field

Before you can realize the importance of septic field maintenance, you need to know how it works. Your septic system combines natural processes and human ingenuity. Wastewater travels from your home through a pipe beneath the soil. This pipe feeds into the septic tank. Inside, enzymes dissolve the solids and a layer of sludge is left behind, which falls to the bottom of the tank.

In the meantime, lighter materials float to the top of the liquid in the tank and form a layer of scum. The filtered wastewater in-between exits through a pipe and seeps into the leach lines. From there it soaks into the sandy ground and is purified again, fertilizing your lawn safely.

There are a lot of components in a septic field. It involves advanced trenches, special pipes, and drainage material like rocks and gravel beneath sand. All of these parts have to work together properly for optimal performance. Without the right maintenance, you’ll end up with over-saturated soil, clogged pipes, and backups in your house.

Local & Reliable Septic Field Rejuvenation in Middletown

When you’re facing these issues, it’s probably time for a visit from Call Clint Septic. Our technicians will come to your home or business. We’ll inspect the tank and septic field and perform any necessary maintenance, such as:

• Pumping out the leach field
• Draining excess water
• Supplementing your tank with beneficial enzymes and bacteria
• Cleaning out the tank, itself, reducing the chance of overflow
• Flush the lines of the system to remove clogs
• Replace soil around the leach lines to promote filtering and flow
• Tank inspection to ensure there are no leaks

Our experience and skill means we can diagnose and remedy any problems with your septic system, no matter how minor or major they are. We inspect and troubleshoot, then determine the perfect plan of action for your specific needs. In no time at all, you’ll have a sanitary and functional septic field. Call today to schedule your Rejuvenation!