Septic Field Rejuvenation in Cold Spring

Regular maintenance to your septic tank is crucial for preventing a major catastrophe in your home, but the septic field plays an equally important role. Using natural processes to clear harmful contaminates from wastewater, the septic field acts as a filter between your septic tank and the groundwater. If your septic field does not function properly, it could cause damage not only in your home but in nearby areas as well. Call Clint Septic’s septic field rejuvenation services can transform your septic system for optimal wastewater disposal.

Controlling Wastewater with Septic Fields in Cold Spring, NY

Septic systems are designed to treat and dispose wastewater from your home using a combination of natural processes and man-made technology. The water first enters the septic tank and is held there long enough for separation to occur. Lighter fats, such as oil and grease, will float to the top, forming a film of scum, while heavier solids settle as sludge on the bottom. The special design of the tank allows for wastewater to flow outward while the solids remain in place until they are pumped out.

When the wastewater flows out of the tank, it enters the drain field. The soil in the field absorbs the wastewater and naturally removes harmful bacteria before allowing it to disperse into the groundwater system of Cold Spring, NY.

Rejuvenating Your Septic Field

If the septic tank is backed up from lack of maintenance, the soil in the drain field can become overloaded and unable to properly absorb and treat wastewater. This can cause backup in toilets and sinks, soggy ground in the area around the septic tank and harm to surrounding water systems. Call Clint Septic drain field rejuvenation uses several different methods to remove excess water and restore proper absorption.

Special pumps can be used to directly remove the extra water in your field. Good bacteria and enzymes can be used to restore the natural functions of the system, and aerobic bioreactors can be added to create more good bacteria. This will aid in the decomposition process of the wastewater in your tank. Another option is to perform high-pressure sewer jetting to remove congestion in the sewer lines, which will increase water flow from the field.

Call Clint Septic – Your Local Septic Specialists

The experts at Call Clint Septic can help you determine which techniques will be best for your septic field issues. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you are experiencing signs of an overloaded septic field, contact Call Clint Septic today to rejuvenate and restore the natural balance of your system.