Septic Field Rejuvenation in Brewster

When you don’t notice your septic field, your tank is working correctly. When you start to smell foul odors around your home, notice soggy or really green grass or sewage starts to back up into your home, you have a problem. At this point, Call Clint Septic needs to perform septic field rejuvenation. We can complete this service quickly and efficiently in Brewster, NY, as soon as you schedule an appointment.

About Your Septic Field in Brewster

The septic system works with a marriage of man-made equipment and natural processes. When wastewater leaves your home and enters the tank, anaerobic digestion occurs. This is the breakdown of the waste with natural microorganisms in your tank. Solid particles will break down into sludge along the bottom of your tank. Lighter materials will float along the top, forming a layer of scum. In the middle is purified wastewater that will seep into your septic field.

The septic field consists of trenches, special pipes, and material such as rocks or gravel, covered by a layer of soil and grass. This is called the leach field. When your tank operates correctly, you will not notice your leach field. The disinfected wastewater will disperse efficiently through the soil. Issues with your septic tank and field, however, can lead to wastewater over soaking the soil. This is when you might notice soggy grass, foul smells, and a dysfunctional septic system.

Reliable Septic Field Rejuvenation in Brewster, NY

As soon as you notice something is amiss about your septic field, contact Call Clint Septic. We will come to your home in Brewster, NY, to conduct repairs and re-balance your septic field. Our septic field rejuvenation services include tasks such as:

• Pumping out the leach field
• Removing excess water
• Adding good bacteria and enzymes to your tank
• Cleaning out your septic tank
• Using special aerobic microorganisms
• Facilitating more efficient waste decomposition
• Performing sewer line jetting to unclog the lines

We will analyze your specific problem and perform the services we know will work best for your circumstances. After we leave your property, your septic system will work like new again. You’ll have clear pipes, a tank that’s working at optimal capacity, and a dry and sanitary leach field.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Septic Field Rejuvenation in Brewster, NY

Scheduling routine maintenance with Call Clint Septic can help keep your septic tank operating as it should, and prevent leach field saturation and sewage backups from occurring. To schedule your septic field rejuvenation services with our capable team, call (845) 379-2011