Prevent Frozen Sewer Lines

Prevent Frozen Sewer Lines
Frozen Sewer Lines


Sewer Lines can freeze.

Frozen sewer lines are rare but they can happen. It usually starts with a clog, preventing water from flowing out and the warm gases from the septic system or municipal sewers from rising up into the system. The best way to prevent frozen sewer lines is to make sure you don’t get a clog. Freeze ups can also occur if you have a running toilet or dripping faucet. If your sewer line is above the frost line, and many are, when the drip slowly moves down the pipe it will freeze, eventually forming an ice block.

How do I clear it?

Ice is harder than rock. You cannot clear an ice clog with any traditional sewer line clearing machines. Even High-Pressure Sewer Jetters are ineffective. At Call Clint Plumbing & Septic Services we have Steamers. We make steam and inject it into your sewer line, thus thawing the ice. It is best if we can do this from the outlet side but we can get creative and make a lot of things work. You will be amazed at how fast we can thaw a line.

How do I Prevent Frozen Sewer Lines?

Make sure your toilets and faucets are not running or dripping. If your sewer line has a history of problems, roots, broken joints, bellies, get them fixed.

What do I do if I have a clog?

Call Clint Plumbing and Septic Services right away. If we can clear the clog before it freezes life will be better, and less expensive. Don’t wait to call. If it is cold we are very very busy. Most importantly stop using the water. It is always best to turn off the water at the main. We all forget and will flush the toilet, it just good manners!

What not to do.

Don’t freak out, we can fix it. Don’t try and thaw any pipes with an open flame. Let me be clear. DO NOT USE AN OPEN FLAME TO CLEAR OR THAW ANY PIPES. Hairdryers and heat guns work best but never leave them unattended. Its bad enough you have frozen pipes. You don’t want to burn your house down also.


Insurance will pay to access the pipe(s) but will not pay to thaw them out. Don’t ask me why I don’t know. Generally, the opening and reinstalling the walls is a far greater expense than thawing the pipes.

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