Prevent Costly Septic System Repairs. Prevent Flooding.

Septic Systems do not love excessive water. You can prevent costly septic repairs by preventing flooding. Excessive water from under the system or from above the system can cause damage and cause sewage backups in your home. The groundwater and septic system should never touch. There is a 4-foot separation requirement from groundwater to the bottom of your system. You may have noticed large mounds in peoples yards, usually very green with grass, these are their septic systems. The system has to be installed on top of the ground due to high groundwater levels in the yard. You don’t want one of these systems, they are very expensive.

Surface water can also cause septic system damage. If you have catch basins in front of your house make sure they are clear on top so the water can run into them. If surface water is running on top of your system the installation of Swails can prevent this problem. Swails can be installed so you don’t even see them yet they can protect your system. By preventing flooding you can prevent costly septic system repairs.

If groundwater is your problem this can, sometimes, be solved with a curtain drain. But the drain must be able to drain to air to make sure it can take all of the water. You will be amazed at how much water comes out fo these drains once installed. Costs vary with the length and depth of the drain and how far it has to be drained away.

Catch Basin – Keep it clear
Prevent costly septic system repairs. Prevent flooding.
Flooded yard and septic system
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