How to Prep Your Septic System for Spring

How to Detect Water in Your Hudson Valley NY Home (1)Spring has officially sprung in the state of New York. Along with greener trees and grass, colorful flowers, and warmer weather, spring also means more rain. Homeowners in the Hudson Valley area should be aware that a significant amount of rain may result in a strained septic system, so it is crucial to take steps now to get your system ready for the rainfall in the near future. Here are a few tips to ensure your septic system is in good shape for the rest of this season.

Readjust Gutters

Redirect your gutters to make sure they are not overlooking the drain area or any other parts of your septic system. If your gutters are facing your septic system, they will inevitably transfer any rainfall water into the system, which can cause flooding. Make sure to direct water flow away from your septic system during the springtime to diminish the risk of flooding and keep your system safe from water damage.

Examine Your Tank Filter

The tank filter is an essential component of your septic system. After the cold months of winter, the filter tends to become blocked with debris and other materials accumulated throughout due to winter storms and increased wind flow. If your tank filter gets clogged, it can disturb the functions of your system, so always take time to clear your tank’s filter of any debris in hopes of making sure it continues to work accurately.

Clean Your Drains

If your drains or pipes within your home are clogged, it will make it all the more difficult for your septic system to pump water and work as it should. This can cause your system to become overburdened, which often results in unexpected flooding. Ensure your drains are clear by cleaning them thoroughly to decrease the chances of clogged pipes wreaking havoc on your septic system.

Pump the Tank

In the winter, you may have found it hard to access your septic tank due to cold conditions. A tank that is full or almost full will have to use extra energy to work efficiently, so if you have not pumped your tank in all winter, it is a good strategy to pump it in early spring.

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