Prevent Costly Septic System Repairs. Prevent Flooding.

Septic Systems do not love excessive water. You can prevent costly septic repairs by preventing flooding. Excessive water from under the system or from above the system can cause damage and cause sewage backups in your home. The groundwater and … Continued

Discover the Problems with your Septic System

Discover the Problems with your Septic System. If you think you may have problems let us help you Discover the Problems with your Septic System before they become a major repair. First, you need to not freak out. Sometimes the problem is … Continued

Prevent Frozen Sewer Lines

  Sewer Lines can freeze. Frozen sewer lines are rare but they can happen. It usually starts with a clog, preventing water from flowing out and the warm gases from the septic system or municipal sewers from rising up into the system. … Continued

Toilet Paper

The cardboard roll for toilet paper was invented by Seth Wheeler on February 13, 1883. The 1880’s in America there was a huge growth in the installation of flushing toilets and thus the use of toilet paper. Wheeler went on to invent … Continued

Call Immediately for Service

As we get closer and closer to the holidays it is important for you to call. We are busy but we will fit you in and make sure you get the problem resolved. Call today at 845-635-2102 and talk to … Continued

Septic System Health and Your Medications

As we all know a lot of any medication we take passes through our body through our urine. Our Septic System Health and Your Medications directly affect the system. Our Septic System is a living thing, it has live bacteria … Continued

Septic System Maintenance

What are you flushing ? Septic System Maintenance

Your Septic System and/or sewage pipes can’t take everything. You would be amazed at what we take out of septic tanks and sewer lines. I just don’t know how people get this stuff down the toilet. Septic System Maintenance is … Continued

Out of Site and Out of Mind – Your Septic System

Yes, it’s under there. That beautiful lawn, and Septic System, in the Hudson Valley, is quietly taking all of the waste your house produces, treating it, and disposing of it, all day, every day, without you ever having to think … Continued

Septic Systems

At Call Clint Plumbing & Septic Services we are all things septic. We also are experts at sewer laterals, pipe bursting, pipe coating, and pipelining. You probably don’t know what any of that is and that is why I am … Continued

6 Tips for Caring for Your Septic Tank

Taking time to maintain your septic tank can help extend the life of your system and assure it continues to work properly for you and your family. Thankfully, taking care of your home’s septic system is not complicated and can … Continued